Roberson Taxi Cab Service Inc.

Enjoy Comfortable Transportation 

Affordable Taxi Service in Washington, NC 

Getting a taxi will never be a hassle when you contact Roberson Taxi Cab Service in Washington, NC. Enjoy competitive rates for local and long distance transportation services; no matter where you need to go, we’ll make sure you get there on time. 

Friendly Drivers 

You can always count on having a positive experience with our taxi service. Every driver on our staff is readily available to accommodate your needs and offer personable customer service. Going above and beyond for every client is one of the fundamental aspects of our business and that will never change. 

Clean Accommodations 

Expect nothing but clean accommodations when you hire Roberson Taxi Cab Service. We have high-quality standards we adhere to, meaning you’ll always get a clean and well-maintained taxi. Routine cleaning and sanitizing are standard procedures for our taxi service, and we’re confident you’ll notice our attention to cleanliness. 

Prompt Arrival Times 

We know your time is important, so we make it a priority to never leave you waiting for your taxi to arrive. The time you request is when we’ll show up; we value promptness and see it as part of our commitment to our clients. Whether you’re going to the store or catching a flight, we handle every job with the same urgency.  

A Reliable Taxi Service Is a Phone Call Away 

You’ll always have access to reliable transportation services when you contact Roberson Taxi Cab Service. Call today to request more information about rates for our taxi services or to schedule a pickup time. We’re ready to help you get to your destination!